Fairy Gateway

When you “real eyes” that everything is alive intelligent conscious energy you can open your portal of perception to more than matter.
Let your imagination fallow the lines and symbols to connect to fairies and let them tell you their stories.
As you listen to the trees the ferns the moss, the flowers suddenly you see a sparkle of light in the corner of you eye and you start feeling the magic vibrating inside you.
A fairy is a conscious awerness that does not have a 3d form, it can control specific nature elements depending on their basic energy .
Joy and play, imagination, smell, light, wind , can be their language that nurtures and support all life in an orchestration of interconnecting structures.
it is more usual for fairies to to play with your perception, by molding nature when they communicate rather than appear in your five senses reality. They use light, ore forms like the shape of the bark of the tree, the movement of a cloud, a stone shape that captures your attention , and if you can focus you may actually feel a message
Get used to the way the universe communicates , have no expectations, and no programming , give yourself a paradigm shift , change your mindset and pass through the veil into the portal . Be the balance inside the great mistery * as above so below *