Cat elemental 2 Tshirt

100 lei

Elemental play:
*The feline elemental 🐅 is the feline basic consciousness in higher etheric realms * does not have a fixed form therefore can shift interdimensionally ❇️ as elementals can control the more archetypal nature manifestations like the 4 elementals 🌪️💧🔥🌍 so they can apeare to you in your imagination , dreams , talk to you trough the movement of the 🍃, the form of a 🌳 * it can feel as a specific vibe, a feeling, a visual cat molded into the ☁️ or the remains of your ☕ *
*the cat elemental powers are astral protection , guardian in the astral plane , best guide for lucid dreaming *

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100% Cotton
153.0 G/SqM (White 144.0 G/SqM)
100% Ring Spun Cotton 30/1

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