Feline Elementals Collection

Long long ago, even as you count time, humans had more sensibility of nature as they lived in nature and they were able to sense elementals.
Elementals can manifest in many forms. They are part of earth, of the earth, part of that consciousness manifested in a variety of ways, for consciousness can manifest in group and individuality depending on the requirements of the mass consensus experiences.
They are portions of consciousness and electromagnetheric energy associated with the earth condensing into an expression that can wrap itself as physical reality, but isn’t really a physical being, more like a constant fluctuation of our consciousness.
Many can exist hundred ore thousand of years until they transcend into other forms.
They are shapeshifters as they can control basic waves of perception and mold themselves into the etheric form, and from them the ability was learned.
The feline elemental is the feline basic energy and consciousness in higher etheric realms * does not have a fixed form therefore can shift interdimensionally as elementals can control the more archetypal nature manifestations like the 4 elementals water air fire earth , so they can apeare to you in your imagination , dreams , talk to you trough the movement of the leaves, the form of a tree * it can feel as a specific vibe, a feeling, a visual cat molded into the clouds or the remains of your coffe *
The cat elemental powers are astral protection, guardian in the astral plane, best guide for lucid dreaming * If you resonate to it you may find that the panther may be your more specific power version of the feline elementals and can work as a totem animal guide for you.
Black panther elemental aspects: focus* autenticity * courage * dream guide * astral travel * power guardian * concious dreaming * courage to go within interdimensional planes* the secrets of worlds that are unseen * shapeshifter * dark moon * the power of the night * the power of the unknown* intuition * inner voice/visions * great magik *the great mistery* kundalini *